A message from Nan Motolinsky and family:

In 1969, my only and beloved 26 year old brother succumbed within two
months to acute leukemia. Out of the heartbreak and shock
arose first a high school scholarship, then a fund, and ultimately this
Melvyn H. Motolinsky Research Foundation. My parents were committed to
creating a living memorial to Mel, that would hold out a beacon of hope
to other families – so that others will live.

Forty five years later, the Foundation supports a Fellow each year;
funds the Motolinsky Hematology Laboratory; and permanently endows the
Motolinsky Chair in Hematology at Rutgers RWJMS. Details of these endeavors are available on this website.

We are at a crossroads within the Foundation. The generous and
forward thinking individuals who have worked for almost half a century
on behalf of the Foundation still meet, plan, honor, and believe in our
goals. However, we wish for all this dedication to live on. We wish to
continue to support our post-doctorate Fellows, assisting brilliant new
doctors to prepare for careers in cutting edge research and patient
care. We believe in the treatments and eventual cures that will emerge
from the painstaking research conducted in the Lab.

We treasure the brilliance of Dr. Claire Philipp as she guides the
progress of doctors within the Hematology Department.
We invite you to learn of our work, and support a proven
Foundation that has been growing and fulfilling its goals for 45 years.
If you are seeking a Fellowship in Hematology, or urgently researching
the latest treatments, the Foundation can provide a wealth of
information. Our longevity reflects our personal commitment to carrying
forward the legacy of hope that was and is inspired by Melvyn.
Our joy comes in celebrating the “Sweet 16” of a dear friend whose bone
marrow transplant in 1998 assures her presence at the birth of her
grandchild in 2014. Please help us continue to fulfill our promise.

One by one. “So that others will live“. Thank you.

Motolinsky_FamilyNan Motolinsky is the sister of Melvyn, daughter of Ab and Yetta Motolinsky, and sits on the board of trustees for the Melvyn H. Motolinsky Research Foundation.