The Search Continues to Treat and Cure Blood Diseases…

In 1969, Melvyn Motolinsky was about to embark on a brilliant law career when he was suddenly stricken with leukemia. In just two months Melvyn was dead. What was this disease that could strike so vengefully and quickly against young and old alike? What progress has been made in fighting it?

Leukemia is an acute or chronic disease of unknown cause, characterized by an abnormal increase in the number of leukocytes (white blood cells) in the tissue (and often in the blood). Years ago there was no cure for this disease.

Information about all aspects and components of blood is being pieced together in the massive medical research to rid mankind of this cancerous spectre with its tragic consequences for victim and family. This explosive expansion of knowledge in Hematology has given us the capability to unravel many of the mysteries of the living cell, and to apply this knowledge to the understanding of diseases and their remedies. It now appears that there in no single or simple cause of leukemia and that there will be no single or simple cure. But real progress has been made in the diagnosis and treatment of leukemia, particularly with pharmaceuticals and bone marrow transplants.

Today, Melvyn Motolinsky and countless thousands more like him could have a remission for years, and even a chance of cure, as medical science improves its knowledge, technology and treatment of leukemia. Achievements have not come easily, and so much more needs to be done.

The Melvyn H. Motolinsky Laboratory for Hematology Research was established in 1972 in conjunction with the University of Medicine and Dentistry / Rutgers Medical School for just such purpose. The Laboratory has become an integral part of the Division of Hematology and at the School is widely recognized for its achievements. It is committed to research in all aspects of blood diseases based on the conviction that ultimately tragedies of blood disorders such as leukemia must and can be treated and cured.

“So that others will live.”

The Motolinsky Foundation has moved ahead towards certain goals:

First: To raise $100,000 for the endowment of the Melvyn Motolinsky Hematology Laboratory. That dream has been realized and annual grants are made in support of the Laboratory.

Second: To raise $300,000 for the establishment of a permanent endowed annual Fellowship in Hematology at UMDNJ / Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and the Laboratory to help train young scientists in the field of blood diseases. This dream, too, has been realized and for several years the annual grant has been $30,000 for the Melvyn, Abe and Yetta Motolinsky Fellowship.

Third: To raise $1,000,000 to endow a Chaired Professorship in Hematology to help direct the future of the Motolinsky Research Laboratory as it establishes itself as one of the major hematology research laboratories in the world. This dream, too, has been realized and the endowment is now more that $1,485,000 and growing. Dr. Parvin Saidi was appointed as the first Professor to hold the Melvyn H. and Ab Motolinsky Chair of Hematology at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School of UMDNJ. Upon Dr. Saidi’s  passing, Dr. Claire Philipp was named and currently holds the Chair.

Fourth: Our dream now, with your financial help, is the support of critical medical research that someday in the near future will prevent, treat and cure the tragedy of leukemia and other blood related diseases.

Our progress to date has come only through enormous patience, total dedication and long, hard hours of tenacious work. There are many patients who depend on the continued research for their survival.

Your financial support for this truly living memorial is urgently needed. Be a part of our real team effort to come up with the answers.

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